maintenanceSynergy being an IT company has been providing services for last 34 years and also providing Third Party Maintenance (TPM) services for more than 14 years to enterprise and mid-level organizations with a rapid, cost-effective and flexible alternative to OEM services. Synergy’s Third Party Maintenance Services are tailored to meet firm’s business need. We provide complete life cycle management for devices, including installation, upgrade, repair and preventative maintenance. Every year, Synergy expands coverage and supported products to reach more customers with our brand of exceptional customer service and technical support.

By combining a proactive approach to better service and better solutions, Synergy creates long-term partnerships with customers based on mutual respect, trust and loyalty. As a third-party maintenance provider, Synergy Computers is providing 7 critical services.

  1. Focused Maintenance Services We think it’s important to be laser-focused, and our area of expertise is on the maintenance of mission-critical servers, storage devices and tape back-up typically found in a data centre. A focused third-party maintenance provider will understand their customers and their inherent needs. By focusing resources on the data centre, were able to deliver first-call resolution and platform uptime that ranks with the best in the business.
  2. No hardware biases As a multi-vendor support partner, we avoid hardware bias which reduces the costs and administrative hassles associated with managing multiple vendors and multiple contract expires. A non-biased hardware approach can simplify management of the data centre hardware environment and is one of the reasons that were able to reduce prices by up to 60% less than OEM services.
  3. Rapid Response and Problem Resolution All calls and requests for service and assistance are managed through a rigorous, proven success process. Third party equipment maintenance is conducted with the same care undertaken for our own products. In fact, with data centers, downtime can meet a serious loss of revenue and customers. Were positioned to support large distributed environments and yet be agile enough to respond quickly to urgent or non-traditional service requests. The result: more rapid mobilization and problem resolution precisely those reasons that you’d engage with a third-party maintenance provider.
  4. The ability to cover all Hardware With all equipment consolidated under one contract, it’s easy to identify who to call to get quality service. As a single point of contact, we can be the central point of accountability, the vendor to call when customers need to get up and running quickly. This also reduces the need for providers to coordinate and work with other providers, resulting in faster response and repair.
  5. Experienced engineers who do the job right the first time  Customers need to rely on the skill and experience of their maintenance provider’s engineers.Our systems engineers undertake rigorous training and development to ensure they are capable of supporting a complicated cases. Each of our engineer has worked an OEM, bringing relevant experience to the task at hand. Senior field engineers have an average tenure of 15 years; service engineers average 10 years. Each staff member brings a depth of knowledge and expertise that enable us to meet customers technology requirements across multiple platforms. We feel this is paramount for any hardware maintenance provider and should be on your must-have list.
  6. Flexible contracts We’ve implemented processes that enable our teams to be flexible and react quickly. Agreements are as easy to understand as they are flexible.
  7. Customizable service agreements Were able to resolve 80%with our 24/7 working hours and next-working-day maintenance services. An online event tracking system uses a Web portal