With a team of accomplished Financial, Technical, Functional and System Consultants, SCL has the resources and the requisite skill base required for assessing an organization’s needs and designing solutions that best fit those needs. Such solutions might involve hardware specifications, software specifications, training of staff, and/or re-engineering of the organization’s existing procedures to optimize the benefits gained from computerization.

Delivery Channel

delivery_chanSCL presents you with a choice of service delivery options. At any phase of your organization’s growth, you can determine which of our service options best complements your internal strategy.

Our delivery options include:

On-Site Implementation

In this option, the installed software resides on your IT infrastructure. Your staffs are in control of the solutions delivered to you. Our consultants will work with you to set-up your system. They are also at hand to ensure your effective use of the solutions.

Resident Engineers

When subscribing to the SCL Resident Engineer (RE) service, a technical resource person is located full-time at the customer’s premises during standard office hours and is on-call for support during out of office hours, including weekends and holidays. This dedicated RE is solution driven, has the full responsibility for Level 2 technical support issues, and maintains the customer’s Enterprise Applications. The RE acts as liaison for all technical issues and interacts directly with Vendors Level 2/3 support and engineers as required. The RE is also available for technical consultations on a variety of topics and to provide suggestions and action plans, new feature analysis, and product training.