The Software Solutions Division comprising of systems analysts, consultants, software specialists and programmers, develops customized software solutions for various clients, parameterizes existing packages to fit the specific requirements of particular customers, provides software support and maintenance services, and delivers training to client organizations on the solutions that they are implementing. This team has extensive experience in development on various platforms, using most of the popular tools available in the industry. SCL’s flagship in-house product is the UBANK Plus Banking Package


UBANK Plus is a comprehensive, Windows based on line banking package, produced with a GUI front end and a choice of 4GL database engine as back end. It was engineered while keeping in mind local and international baking requirements. The product’s three-tier design (Presentation Layer, Application Layer and Data Layer) gives it the flexibility to be used with different database engines like MS-SQL, Oracle etc. While the package already has the capability of making online inter branch transactions, the future plan for UBANK Plus is to make it completely Web Enabled for E-Banking.

1. Karakorum Cooperative Bank Limited (KCBL)

UBANK Plus is currently running successfully in 24 branches of Karakurum Cooperative Bank Limited (KCBL) nationwide.